March 3, 2016





November 19th and the 20th, 2016                                                             

Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Friday, November 18th

3:00 PM

Bangladesh Global Summit Official Press Conference for the Journalists from Malaysia and Bangladesh (Conference Hall, Berjaya Times Square Hotel*****

5:00 PM

Bangladesh Global Summit Registration


Saturday, November 19th

8:00 AM

Bangladesh Global Summit Registration

10:00 AM

Opening Session of the 1st Bangladesh Global Summit (Hotel Ball Room).

Participants: High officials from Malaysia and Bangladesh, Malaysian business community and Bangladeshi expatriates from all over the world.

Official Speeches: Welcome speech by AEBA President and The Summit’s keynote speech by AEBA Secretary General. Speeches of Special Guests, Guests of Honor and Chief Guest.

Official speeches including:

Objectives of the summit and general discussion on the necessity of a global association for the Bangladeshi expatriates, its ventual structure, formation and activities. NRB rights, duties and relations with the administration of Bangladesh; Main propositions on mutual cooperation and understanding.

12:00 PM Lunch Break

1:30 PM

Global Working Session (Part 1) for all the participants (Ball Room) Presentation of the delegations

3:30 PM Coffee Break

4:00 PM

Global working session (Part 2) for all the participants (Ball Room)  General discussion on Global issues

6:00 PM End of Day 1


Sunday, November 20th

4 Seminars will be held from 10:30 AM till 5:00 PM. Two conference halls will be used for the seminars simultaneously. An additional hall will host non-stop B2B negotiations and MOU preparations between the participants.


10:30 AM

Seminar 1: (Hall A)

Branding Bangladesh. Business relations & FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) opportunities within the Community & in Bangladesh. Intensification and diversification of economic exchanges. Diversification of Bangladesh’s export basket.

Seminar 2: (Hall B)

Overseas expatriation, safe migration & employment. New job market & demand in highly skilled manpower from Bangladesh. Integration & Community development worldwide.


2:30 PM

Seminar 3: (Hall A)

Outstanding performances of Bangladeshi expatriates in the strategic sectors of agriculture, civil engineering, information technology (IT), power & energy, public administration, finance, education, science, health & social care, sports & youths in the service of the Community and for Bangladesh.

Seminar 4: (Hall B)

Promotion and development of the touristic potential of Bangladesh. Contribution of the Bangladeshi expatriates community to the strategic facilities in transports, logistics, services, etc. Preserving cultural heritage, arts, language, traditions in Bangladesh and abroad.


5:00 PM Coffee & Refreshment Break

6:00 PM

Closing Ceremony: Announcement of Kuala Lampur Declaration & official signature of MOUs between the participants.

7:30 PM

Gala Dinner and Cultural show (Bangladesh Night)

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